Christina’s World

Christina's World,16.25x23.25, 2014
Christina’s World,16.25×23.25, 2014

I have had the kitten fabric in the background of this piece for years and years.  Probably 8 years at least.  I have run across it over and over through the years as I reorganized my fabric shelves.  It’s been on the shortlist to go into quilts, purses, little girl’s dresses but it never quite made it into any of those things.  So the kittens languished on my shelf, frozen in their prancing arabesques until I found the photograph that inspired this piece.  To me they feel at home prancing above the girl in this piece. She is too distracted to notice them at all, having all her focus on two people whose attention is very far from hers.

It’s named, by the way, after Andrew Wyeth’s famous painting “Christina’s World”.  


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