I keep forgetting to make it a point to say that 99% of the fabric I use in my quilts is from the thrift store.I rarely buy any fabric from fabric stores.  The fabric I do buy I usually use to make dresses for myself and I sometimes incorporate scraps from those projects in my quilts.  So that’s the origin of the last 1%.  I only visit fabric stores a couple of times a year to pick up thread and needles. Sometimes they have 50% off all thread/needles and I’m pretty damn cheap so I gotta hop on that shit when it happens.


Sometimes I get my batting from those sales but you may be surprised by how much batting is donated to the thrift store. I think that’s why I love finding fabric discarded there.  Someone decided to make a quilt and just never got to it so they brought their shit to the thrift store.  Sometimes the fabric is old though and it’s pretty obvious the next of kin of the sewist/quilter has gone through their stuff left after their death and had no use for it.  I always think about those hopes and dreams they had for their fabric.  I think about them picking out bolts and going to the cutting counter.

I’m surrounded by all of those forgotten stories when I go into my studio.  I will sometimes wonder about where the fabric in my studio now is going to go after I die.  I hope the person who picks it up at the thrift store makes something beautiful with it.

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