I absolutely love turning porn into quilted art.  It is my favorite thing to do.  That’s how I started this whole deal with my quilted art:  staring at interlocked/solo genitalia and secondary sexual characteristics and putting needle to fabric.  The first portrait I did was of Thom Yorke because A.  I love Radiohead like a motherfucker and B. See reason A.

Since that first portrait I’ve done more and every single one held its’ own challenge.  The portrait I just finished of my friend George held several challenges, the one foremost being a banjo.  Could I quilt a freaking banjo?  Turns out the answer is an emphatic yes.  Yes, I can.

George, 16″x20″

I planned it out earlier this year, in January or February but kept avoiding it because I just didn’t want to face the banjo.  But the weirdest thing I have discovered along this weird journey is that the real problem is NOT the challenge in front of me.  The REAL BIG PROBLEM is my own attitude and belief about my ability to tackle that challenge.  I think that REAL BIG PROBLEM is a problem in many different ways for me and I can see clearly it is a problem for just about everybody alive.  Fear destroys everything.  I enjoy the call to courage these quilts create for me, even if it might take me a little while to figure out how to tackle it.


3 thoughts on “George

  1. George and I have managed to learn the banjo, which I never thought would be possible. It was easy when I stopped being afraid of how hard it would be. Every morning when I sit down to write, I spend at least two hours getting over my fear that what I will write will be trash. There are better days and worse days, but it never really gets any easier. Our minds are powerful places.

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