Polka Dots

11"x16", 2014
11″x16″, 2014

This one WAS the smallest one I’d completed thus far until I completed a different even smaller one today.  I have played with size before, usually aiming at a larger format.  The larger sizes were super challenging but fun to do. I never really thought about trying a smaller format because when I think “quilt” I think…bed sized blankets.  But I discovered with this one and the other small one I completed that they present their own challenge and their own fun. I definitely plan on working in a smaller format more often in the future.



One thought on “Polka Dots

  1. I spent some quiet nighttime looking at these Artworks, with interest and pleasure.
    For a reason I couldn’t understand until now, I was wondering about the usage of the black lines on the human bodies, and at the same time I was taking an impression, an atmosphere, a resemblance, with those pre-Columbian natives, I was thinking of the Olmechi (sorry I use the Italian term) specifically. Finally now I have just come to the point that the connection which had sprung up in me is between those lines and the drawing on the jaguars’s fur, since the Olmechi were also named the “Jaguar’s people”.

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