Red Lipstick

16"x20", 2014
Red Lipstick,16″x20″, 2014

Someone called my quilts “erotic art” recently and I absolutely balked at that description.  That is precisely the opposite reaction I am hoping to provoke.

My intent in creating these quilts is not to stimulate you, the viewer, in an erotic way.  If it was, I would skip the whole process of quilting and just post the original pornographic image I used to create the image.  My quilts are not “pornography“, or “the portrayal of sexual subject matter for the purpose of sexual arousal.”

Instead I take a pornographic image in which a person is dehumanized and reduced to his or her body parts and transmute that image into a beautiful, humanized nude. My quilts transform something that is not traditionally seen or accepted as beautiful into works that are both beautiful and beautifully human.


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