Self Portrait with J.

Self Portrait,  35.5x43.25, 2015
Self Portrait with J., 35.5″x43.25″, 2015

I have been finding random anonymous porn online to use in my work since my first quilt.  The images are not hard to find.  There are millions taken via cell phone and uploaded to the web every day.  I take joy in transforming them into beautiful nudes that contain a grace and humanity that is palpable.

Last fall I realized after making dozens and dozens of quilts of strangers that I was comfortable.  I was comfortable behind the mask of the artist.  The artist/model dynamic allows the artist to acutely examine each and every aspect of their subject and express their own vision.

I’d done a self portrait but looking at it last fall I realized it wasn’t a look inward.  It was looking at the surface of who I was in a very shallow way.  I realized that to truly step from behind the mask of the artist and create a self portrait that meant something in relation to my work with pornography I had to do something that was very uncomfortable for me.  I had to step into the role my many anonymous stranger models online had played.

So I completed the two panels in the above self portrait diptych.

In February I submitted it to the 10th annual Kinsey Institute Juried Art Show (May 15 – July 11).  My piece was accepted and I was honored to be awarded “Best in Show”.  It had to have been a very difficult choice for jurors to give the award considering the other amazing entries!

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