Stranded, 14 inches x 19 inches, 2015
Stranded, 14 inches x 19 inches, 2015

This piece is so new it’s only about 12 hours old.  I finished this piece last night at about midnight.

A friend of mine posted the original picture I used for this quilt to her Facebook last year.  There was something about it that struck me so I saved it in my “Inspiration” folder. (I realize that in the age of Pinterest I’m supposed to use the word “inspo” but yeah, that’s never happening. Ever.)

I kept running across the picture and my creative mind kept saying a big YES LET’S DO THIS! while my practical, skeptical and logical mind kept saying NO LET’S NOT DO THIS.  And despite my logical mind’s best efforts at dragging its’ figurative feet and saying NO repeatedly, my creative mind won the battle.  It was left to my hands to finish the war.

Though this is a small quilt the struggle to get it quilted was MASSIVE.  I had to rip out stitches four separate times.  Ripping out stitches is something I rarely ever have to do, even on large quilts.  Then once the quilting was done I suddenly realized that the car panel has a reflection in it. And I now had the task of making fabric appear reflective.  Thanks a fucking lot, creative mind!

In the end, though, it came together in exactly the way I originally envisioned it.  So I guess I can actually say a sincere thanks to my creative mind.


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